$200 000 Testicle


but we have the right one in our sights!A U.S. air force veteran has filed a federal claim after an operation at a Veterans Administration hospital in which a healthy testicle was removed instead of a potentially cancerous one.

Benjamin Houghton, 47, was to have had his left testicle removed June 14 at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center because there was a chance it could harbour cancer cells. It also was atrophied and painful.

But doctors mistakenly removed the right testicle, medical records and the claim, which seeks US$200,000 for future care and unspecified damages, show. He still hasn’t had the other testicle removed. [1]

MA’AM, IT WASN’T CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE, SORRY ABOUT THE CHEMO and the C. difficile. A 62-year-old Quebec woman is suing her pathologist after she underwent painful chemotherapy after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer.

Muriel Lavallée, of Ste-Therese, located outside Montreal, is seeking $200,000 in damages for physical pain, psychological suffering, and loss of salary. At the hospital, she contracted C. difficile, a sometimes fatal infection, and had to be hospitalized again for another three weeks. [1]


The medical establishment figures those are pretty good odds for the amount of surgical errors that occur on an annual basis in the United States. So what if we leave a few tools in you. And if you’re obese, hey it’s your fault. You’ve got more padding to hide things in.


References:[1] CBC.ca April 2007; jpeg = The Globe and Mail, Jan 2003

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